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Covering Paul Hogarth
Covering Paul Hogarth

Movie posters and video covers were once as entertaining as the motion pictures themselves. My mind travels back to horror movies with raised covers to accentuate gore, detailed collages of a space world so foreign, yet strangely familiar to me, to tell the story of Star Wars and accentuated snapshots from scenes that would burn [...]

Thirty Plus
Thirty Plus

As the sun sets, the curtains begin to close, and the last stuttering breaths of my twenties fade out before my eyes, I sit here staring into the wildnerness of an abyss of a horizon of a future of so many unknowns… Very poignant. Very deep shit. Peter turned 30 what feels like 8 years [...]

Models Inc. – the models that made it to the motion picture
Models Inc. - the models that made it to the motion picture

Most models stick to what they know and do best. Coke and walking. But some models shake off the stereotype to chase bigger and cokier dreams. They extend themselves. Today we pay tribute to a few who’ve made it into the movie business. And beyond…. Grace Jones James Bond ring a bell? A View to [...]

Who You Love
Who You Love

John Mayer and Katy Perry have broken up. Adjust your disappointment accordingly. Peter’s reaction was simply “Didn’t know they were together… She’s basically retarded, isn’t she” which is his way of saying he’s absolutely devastated about the news. I won’t lie (to you, baby), sometimes the world of celebrity piques my interest. “That guy’s shoes [...]

Podcast #58 – Words with Friends

What are mere words between friends on an easy Friday afternoon? Or night for that matter. And what better friends are there than international friends? Mmmmm? But what word do those friends use for breasts? RRH │ Words with Friends Clayton (RRH)

Podcast #57 – Pappy D

Some actors are known for being pretty bloody good. And some actors are known for being in a shitload of movies a shitload of the time. One actor who used to be known for being pretty bloody good is now known for being in a shitload of movies a shitload of the time. And naturally, [...]

RRHeview: the steady decline of Martin Scorsese
RRHeview: the steady decline of Martin Scorsese

After watching half of The Wolf of Wall Street I put it to RRH’s Clayton that Martin Scorsese no longer knows how to make a movie and in fact hasn’t known how to for a long long time. To this he simply replied: “Casino was a piece of shit. Gangs of New York started off [...]

Eminem Ain’t No Shrink‏
Eminem Ain’t No Shrink‏

When I was in year 12 waaaay back in 2001, Dr Dre’s album The Chronic 2001 was considered amongst most of us as the greatest album of all fucking time. An album chock full of timeless classics. Titles that not need listing as they don’t need to dance for yo ass but a cast held rightfully in full esteem. [...]

RRHeview: The Australian Open and the spectacle of sport
RRHeview: The Australian Open and the spectacle of sport

Sport in this country is starting to become more and more annoying as each code finds itself having to fight for a share of what is a very small market. There are only about 22 million Aussies and there can be no doubt that most of them live and die for either AFL, cricket or [...]

Podcast #56 – Snake from Degrassi and Other Stories

Let’s talk about Degrassi Junior High, Escape from New York and L.A and every other show with a ‘Snake’ that’s graced the silver and bronze screen over the years. Oh….that’s it. Well, let’s talk about all of that with The Moon and Randy. Yay. RRH | Snake From Degrassi And Other Stories

It’s a Wonderful Life…by Elron
It's a Wonderful Elron

Every year, as the days become colder and the festive illuminations light up the nights, I try to work out what Christmas means to me. It’s harder than it may seem at first. I know I like it, but as the Double Rainbow guy said, “what does this mean?” When I was a teenager, my [...]

Podcast #55 – Shit The Bed

Hungover and under the cloud of a pending deadline for submitted works. I, Clayton, turned to an ever darker place to get me out of a bind. That dark place, was Peter’s box of lost tapes. Randy, Peter and the Moon return. The rest, I fear, is up to you…RRH | Shit The Bed Clayton [...]

Steve’s Corner…Ashes cricket in Adelaide
Steve's Corner...Ashes cricket in Adelaide

I’ve got some words to say on Sledging… If you can’t back it up in the car park after the game, don’t verbal me in the middle. If someone told me that Clarke and Anderson had come to blows, I wouldn’t even bother to look it up. I’m sure I’ve seen tougher women mud wrestling. [...]

I bought a hot horse…by Mike Culpepper
I bought a hot Mike Culpepper

Many people have been writing in and apparently even calling. Wondering where I’ve been. Well, let me tell you I haven’t been sleeping with young girls who look like Miley Cyrus. I remember what her father did to music in the 90s. And I don’t ever want to get me a piece of that. No. [...]

RRHeviews… Manchester United Football Club
RRHeviews... Manchester United Football Club

We might not claim to be experts here at RobertRedfordsHair, but we are connoisseurs of life. Life, can be beautiful. It can be grotesque. It can overwhelm, underwhelm or just plain whelm. So to help save your soul or push you towards the choice cuts, we’re reviewing shit. Reviewing shit for you. Just like The [...]

I See It

We’re all beautiful in our own way but Clayton wants you to know just how beautiful you are. Because he sees it. RRH | I See It Peter (RRH)

Why no Facebook R.I.P’s for Lou Reed?
Why no Facebook R.I.P's for Lou Reed?

The outpouring of grief on April 8 1994 – the day Kurt Cobain was discovered to have killed himself with a cocktail of drugs and a shotgun – would have come pretty close to melting down the binary code and ads that holds Facebook (the fb) together, had it actually been invented at the time. [...]

One Night Only

Two hungry hearts meet in this lust fueled installment of Mike Culpepper’s life. Yes, there’s some sex but the important thing is that Mike discovers how long one night can really last. RRH | One Night Only Peter (RRH)

Podcast #54 – Questions From The Audience

The best part of the whole Inside The Actors Studio wankfest is the question time between the members of the audience and the big time movie star who has spent the better part of 3 hours validating the importance of their romantic comedy career. So we opened up the (telephone) lines of communication to you, [...]

Podcast #53 – Jesus In A Cubicle

Even the son of God needs to fart sometimes. So what hope do us mere mortals have when it comes to our bowels? Very little, as Peter points out. Points out whilst still managing to talk about Paul fucking Verhoeven. RRH | Jesus In A Cubicle Clayton (RRH)

Neverending Stories…By Elron
Neverending Stories...By Elron

About a year ago I wrote a snotty little post about Dredd, a newly released movie based on a science fiction comic series I read as a youngster. Burned by the experience of Sylvester Stallone’s laughable 1995 attempt to film the story and jaded by the endless stream of comic book remakes and reboots of [...]

RRHeview: The iPhone 5s
RRHeview: The iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s has been out in Australia (we get it first for some reason) for about a week and a half now so we here at RobertRedfordsHair have had a play, and sure it’s pretty cool, but we weren’t exactly blown away by all the new features… 1. Finger print recognition. 2. Siri’s back [...]

Podcast #52 – Sing When You’re Winning

Seasons come and go so it’s lucky that the RRH guys are true men for all seasons. But let’s talk about sport. Actually let’s talk about sport slub songs. No wait, let’s sing sport club songs! RRH | Sing When You’re Winning Peter (RRH)

Songs About Alcohol
Songs About Alcohol

A few weeks ago Pete provided us with a great musical learning experience with Songs About Girls. And this week I’m going to provide you with a compilation about something just as important. Booze. If anyone says the word Tubthumping you lose a testicle. Girls and alcohol go hand in hand. One or the other [...]