TV Has Got Better

Yes, that’s right. TV is okay now and thank god for that because about ten-fifteen years ago people were pretty much freaking out. After the six o’clock news you would hear dismayed cries from your neighbours: ‘what do we do now?!’ After the six-thirty news there would be raised voices and arguing. The seven o’clock news; eerie silence followed by the sound of bodies crumpling to the floor.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t all doom, gloom and ritual suicide but it wasn’t far off. TV used to be pretty awful. There was Picket Fences, Dawson’s Creek, Lois & Clarke, Friends along with all the alphabet shows – OC, SVU, CSI, NCIS, NYPD Blue and O MY GOD they all look so fucking bad when you put them next to each other like that. There just wasn’t anything decent on. Some people would actually take the time to talk to others in the house or even go out and drink themselves near to death. Most would put on a DVD though. A movie to pass the time with. Sigh … simple times.

Then the downloading began. You could download anything and as a matter of fact, despite the efforts of some large companies who aren’t making as much money as they used to, you still can. You can get anything now. Want to see that movie with Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler when they were a couple of young guys from New York trying to make it in the movies? You can download it. Want to watch that Sylvester Stallone porno he made when he was trying to pay the rent and buy protein? You can stream that shit too, along with all the blockbusters that would ordinarily cost you seven dollars parking, fifteen dollars for a movie ticket and thirty two dollars for a popcorn and coke. And it’s all free.

Apart from the popcorn and coke.

Now, most likely people aren’t downloading the Stallone back catalogue when they go to these illegal sites. No. They’re getting TV shows. Because TV is awesome. Even though we’re watching it on a computer. It used to be that you’d get an amazing show like Twin Peaks or The Office every forty years or so. Now we seem to have incredible series upon incredible series being produced all around the world on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because TV shows can have more swearing, fucking and dismembering but whatever the reason, we’re all very thankful. Finally we don’t have to hang out with our stupid friends anymore.

Probably the biggest indication that TV is great is the stars that these shows are landing for leading roles nowadays. No longer is getting an eight episode series considered being put out to pasture. Remember Geena Davis? Yeah. She won an Oscar, did The Long Kiss Goodnight and then it was sitcom obscurity and a political drama for her. No one knows where she is now. But Clare Danes recently did a hit show and she was in a movie with Leo. Leo! Even Dustin Hoffman just did a show for crying out loud. At this rate we’ll see Tom Cruise on TV in a few years. Probably writing, directing and starring in a four-part telemovie based on the life of L. Ron Hubbard. I can’t wait!

Peter (RRH)

3 Responses to TV Has Got Better

  1. free tv says:

    Excellent shows!

  2. Leonardo DiCaprio says:

    Does anyone else reckon that Dan bloke from ‘The Block’ looks like Stifler from American Pie?

  3. Silly says:

    Have you considered making your own TV show?

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