Great YouTube Interviews

Quite often I’ll trawl through YouTube looking for interesting and amusing stuff to help pass the time. Like most people I’ve watched entire TV series’, old music clips, cartoons from when I was a kid and the occasional sport highlight. Here are some of the best interviews that I’ve stumbled across.

Molly Meldrum interviews Iggy Pop
I was too young for the music show Count Down. I wasn’t too young for Count Down Revolution, but if there had ever been an interview like this on TV when I was a kid I would’ve asked my mother a lot of questions about the behaviour of Iggy Pop. I love how he calls Molly ‘dogface’. I’m sure there’s a longer interview and he shoves the microphone down his pants too …

Joan Rivers interviews The Australian Logie Awards
OK, this isn’t actually an interview but it’s fucking hilarious. The Logies are the Australian TV awards and they’re voted for by the people. They’re also widely considered to be quite quite lame. Joan Rivers comes on as a special guest, apparently drunk, and bags the whole thing out. There are so many hilarious lines in this. ‘Why the fuck am I here?’ which is repeated a few times, is probably the best though.

Bill Cosby interviews Groucho Marx
This has Mexican subtitles for you Mexicans to read along and there’s even a Klingon in a tracksuit who comes on and tells you what you’re watching. Groucho’s riffing is worth it.

John Gallagher interviews Dennis Hopper
I don’t know what ‘smoking your cigarettes short’ means but Hopper’s memories of James Dean are cool and the way he talks about acting is pretty dope. He rambles a bit and his polo shirt is tucked into his jeans but when he says ‘The plane’s not gonna be able to come in’ I’m totally sold.

Craig Foster interviews Ange Postecoglou
Is this the most famous interview in Australian sport? Well, it’s soccer, so probably not but it’s absolutely fantastic. Foz lays into Ange because some Australian youth team that he coaches is rubbish. The best part is Foz saying ‘We’re not on here to be mates!’

A hysterical woman interviews Dustin Hoffman
Who doesn’t like Dustin Hoffman? Sure, a lot of his movies are crap but he’s a helluva nice guy. And he laughs his arse off at dirty double entendres like a school boy so that’s cool. I don’t think the interviewer ever worked again though. Actually, she’s in an asylum now.

And this is the worst …

Noel Gallagher interviews Mario Balotelli

Peter (RRH)

5 Responses to Great YouTube Interviews

  1. Alice says:

    There was a really great win late night news update where the new news reader couldn’t stop laughing – she never appeared again. Not sure it’s on YouTube though.

  2. Theo says:

    Quite fantastic interviews. You’re right.

  3. Oliver! says:

    I give you props for finding some good Youtube videos. Nice searching.

  4. boscher says:

    I’ve heard and seen some good stuff here. Never actually seen footage of Groucho Marx out of costume.

  5. gastro says:

    You could see Hopper was off his nut.

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